About Us

Angel's Moonwalks HTX  is a family owned and operated business. We are located in Houston, TX and serve the entire Houston area. We provide fun inflatable Bouncers, Slides, and Combos rentals. We also have Concession Equipment.

Our focus is on providing the ABSOLUTE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, safe quality equipment, cleaned and sanitized equipment, on time deliveries, all at a competitive price. We provide our services for all types of occasions: birthday parties, church functions, festivals, company events, day care events, and family gatherings.

We look forward to the opportunity to make your special event fun and exciting!!!

Why Choose Us

Our goal has always been to EXCEED EACH AND EVERY CLIENT'S EXPECTATIONS. We value people, safety and lasting partnerships. We've worked hard with customers, suppliers and even competitors to build a reputation of honesty, sincerity and mutual benefit.

It is easy to pick a rental company based on price alone. Price is an important component in your decision to choose a company for your event. We understand that, and hope you'll find our pricing to be very competitive.

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting an inflatable rental company for your event that you might not even realize! Here are some questions (in addition to price) to ask and things to consider when selecting a rental company.


We are not the least or most expensive provider in our industry. We offer fair and competitive pricing while providing the best service and value. All our quotes are for a 6 hour Rental time (always be sure to ask how long the rental period is for).

When pricing around be sure and ask specifically if the quoted price includes sales tax, deposits, and delivery fees. Be sure to also inquire about their cancellation policies. Any quote made by Angel's Moonwalks will be all inclusive.

Safety & Sanitization

Safety and Sanitization are our first priority. Our inflatables are cleaned, sanitized, and inspected before and after every rental! Sanitize? Yes - this is important. Inflatables are active places full of little people bouncing against the floors, walls and pillars in hot conditions - often face first and loving it! You want to feel secure that the surfaces they are coming in contact with are clean and germ free.

All of our inflatables are certified by registered engineers to meet or exceed all standards of ASTM safety standards, and most have additional features, which are not required, but ensure an even safer bouncing experience.

We provide specific Safety/Rental instructions with every rental.

In an industry with soaring general liability premiums we are proud of our no-accident safety record.


Your hard earned money should get you the best! All of our Bouncers are in excellent condition!!! You will not be embarrassed when your guests see our product!

Our inflatables are made with lead free American made vinyl. They are far superior in durability to foreign made vinyl that our competitors are using. And yes, in spite of what you have been told, there is a big difference in Safety and Quality. Our products can't be matched by cheap imported inflatables. It makes a difference!


From providing friendly consultative sales on the first phone call to arriving with clean, sanitized equipment, our goal is to make your entire experience a pleasant one. We promise to always look out for your best interest and do the best we can.


All new staff members are required to successfully complete online safety training, complete with testing and certifications. Our Field Training Program requires a minimum of 30 accumulated hours of supervised training. From backyard parties to the large festivals, they learn real-world on-the-job skills. When they arrive at your event, you can be assured they simply produce the best, safest experience possible.


We have a long-term vision, based on mutually beneficial partnerships. We work with dozens of festival and event producers across the Houston Area and maintain excellent professional and personal relationships with each of them.

Your event is very important to you and your guests. It's a risk to go with someone renting bouncers in their spare time. We have several full-time employees and strive to exceed all expectations. Choose a company that can make the commitment to follow through. Angel's Moonwalks is a licensed Texas company, and has delivered bouncers to many happy customers and will work hard to make your event a success.

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